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I AM by Positive Skincare


Positive Skincare provides high performing skincare products for beautiful, healthy skin, while spreading the power of self love.

With over 25 years in the beauty industry, spending thousands of dollars researching and searching for skincare products that performed on their promises, I gave up and decided to create my own line of all-natural and organic beauty products that I would know without a doubt delivered great results time and time again.

Created and manufactured right here in the USA, our products have targeted high quality medical-grade ingredients and they work! 

We are vegan and never engage in animal testing.  This is the last skincare line you will ever need.

Deirdre Hassett Falconer

As a make-up artist, skincare specialist and licensed esthetician, I have worked with thousands of clients all looking for some magical potion to solve a myriad of conditions. What struck me most was the way we talk about ourselves:  "I look like hell" "I am so old" "I am so wrinkly" "I am so tired looking" On and on!

"I am" is the most powerful thing that we can say to ourselves.

We are born to be radiant and youthful and powerful and ageless and renewed and nourished and refreshed, now say it every morning and night!

The more you say it, the faster the magic happens!

And the best part is these products are easy to use and will become your timeless essentials.

~ Deirdre Hassett Falconer, Founder and Creator of Positive Skincare