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20% glycolic polymer


Shed your old damaged skin and reveal the beautiful healthy skin beneath! 

Positive Skincare's I am STRONG Home Peeling Kits use pure glycolic acid to peel away old sluggish skin to reveal beautiful fresh skin. 

Glycolic Acid weakens the bonds of dead skin cells so that they easily slough off. 

Dead skin cells tend to build up in the cracks and crevices of the face and neck, deepening and worsening the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. When the dead skin is removed and the fresh skin is uncovered, the new skin shows fewer signs of the effects of free-radicals and aging. 

Your skincare products will work more effectively as they will easily penetrate and not sit on a layer of dead skin.


  • Lightening of dark sun and age spots
  • Easing of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Clearing of acne and a sluggish complexion
  • Loosening and sloughing of damaged skin cells 
  • Fresh younger skin
  • Easy penetration of serums and treatments


     • STEP 1 - I am REFRESHED cleanser
Gentle scrub to remove oil and dead skin buildup.
     • STEP 2 - I am IMPORTANT
Toner to prep the skin for peeling.
     • STEP 3 - I am STRONG 
20% Glycolic Acid weakens the bonds of dead skin cells so that they easily slough off. Leave on as skin permits.
The soothing effects of Aloe Vera to immediately begin to heal the skin and reduce inflammation.
     • STEP 5 - CARROT OIL
High concentration of vitamins and healing agents. Stimulates regeneration.


     • I am NOURISHED moisturizer
Loaded with natural antioxidants and nutrients that repair and nourish the skin. 

     • I am POWERFUL vitamin c & e serum
The most potent vitamin C & E w/ Ferulic serum you will ever fall in love with. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the strength of I am STRONG Glycolic*, we recommend starting with the 20% kit. If you have done peels in the past and can tolerate a deeper peel, 35% & 50% kits are excellent.

*Results will vary based on glycolic polymer strength and length of treatment.


  • 20% Glycolic Polymer- Light loosening of dead skin cells. Less obvious peeling effect. Skin will appear refreshed.
  • 35% Glycolic Polymer- More obvious loosening and peeling effect. Complexion will appear youthful and glowing. Depending upon application time there may be more pronounced peeling.
  • 50% Glycolic Polymer- THIS IS NO JOKE! Most pronounced loosing and peeling. Skin will show redness and deeper peeling. Dark spots are lightened and damaged and dead skin cells are peeled away. Downtime may be needed.


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